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Coast to the east of Cefalù up to Tindari

This stretch of coast is extremely picturesque and offers magnificent views, to be tackled strictly by state road (not runway), state road that until just over 15 years ago was the only route between Palermo and Messina.

The return by highway will allow those who have less desire to drive for many hours to complete this excursion to reach Tindari, a sanctuary in itself not particularly fascinating, but which offers in our opinion one of the most beautiful views of the world thanks to the lakes of Marinello-Oliveri.

For the road during the summer you can make stops on the beach in Tusa and Finale di Pollina, with pleasant baths in rocky beaches, in the other seasons you can lose yourself among the artisan shops of the ceramists of S. Stefano di Camastra, obligatory stop for all the Sicilians who do not renounce having in their homes the artistic productions of this place.